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Enjoying Cars, Coffee, Die Cast & More at the Murphy Auto Museum

Enjoying Cars, Coffee, Die Cast & More at the Murphy Auto Museum
Car people are a very unique breed... and as it’s the largest enthusiast base in the world, it makes sense. I mean, you wouldn't be able to put a football fan, baseball lover and hockey enthusiast in the same room and expect them to have much in common. But you could put a 10-year-old Hot Wheels fanatic, 50-year-old muscle car lover and 80-year-old brass-era enthusiast in the same room, and they’d talk all day long! I often...


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Die Cast X  brings together award-winning journalists, renowned photographers and industry pros to capture the spirit of diecast like never before. It takes an insider's look at the history behind popular diecast cars and trucks as well as how each model has helped shape the automotive industry and motorsports.

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